Friday, November 2, 2012


I've been worried about my knee lately.  They are very tight and my right knee is super swolen and there is too much pressure and tightness on it to squat.  
There is plently to do working around the knee.  I was thinking of some substitutions for the movements I had programed, when I saw a Partner workout posted by Graham Holmberg:

Accumulate 500 Cal on the Airdyne
*You can only accumulate Calories while your partner holds a empty yoke overhead.

We did this workout with 3 athletes Airdyning a total of 600 Calories with one person resting as we rotated.

This workout killed!  it took us 32:10!

I really enjoyed this workout.  I wanted to help my guys get as many calories as they could and that made me want to support the yoke as long as I could.  I also worked really hard on the airdyne.  

I will definitely be designing more of these workouts in the time to come.

I will also be setting up a blog post that will post training updates... keeping things off my personal Facebook Page.

Cheers to another week of training and eating clean!

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