Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Training was good today.  My left shoulder was a bit tight from all the overhead yesterday.  Got a tune up from Dr. Choy and took it a little easy today by scaling back the pushing.  Ill do some more mobility tonight and tomorrow before training tomorrow.   I was able to have breakfast this morning with my wife since she is on vacation.  That is nice. I love spending time with her. Jb Trained with us.  I know it  must not have been too challenging for him, but it was still a blast to train with him.

During my training session, my client Armen hit a huge milestone by nailing a 138kg clean and finally breaking 300lbs.  He has had it in him for a long time...  Im glad I got to watch him do it.  In November of last year when we started training, he had a PR Clean of 225.  Thats a 78lbs increase in 1 year... 

I. Fucking. Love. That!

Meal 1:
2 Cups of Coffee with Heavy Cream
5oz Filet
2 Eggs
Meal 2: 
Meal 3:
Chicken Sausage
Onions and Peppers
Meal 4:
Almond Milk

A: 5 Sets:
5 Power Cleans
12 Wall Ball Push Press
2 Min Rest

B: Every 5 Minutes for 6 Sets:
10 Passthroughs
7 Burpees
200m Run

Part A:  COmpleted using 70kg. All but set 2 were touch and go. My hands slipped. These were pretty fast intervals. Felt good. 

Part B:  I used 24 inch boxes for the passthroughs.  Those got tough!  My torso is going to be sore and my shoulders were getting tired stabilizing my body during them. Fastest set was 1:39 slowest set was 1:52.  

Cheers to Armen on his PR!

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