Thursday, November 8, 2012


Remember how yesterday I said I wasn't that sore when I woke up?

I spoke too soon...
By the time my training session rolled around, I was so freaking sore from yesterdays deadlifts and bear crawls I could barely sit up straight. 

Man!  I tried giving myself some more calories during the day because of the energy drop I felt the day before. I also took my wife out to dinner and we had Sashimi... and a few pieces of Sushi with rice. 

Meal 1:
Coffee with Heavy Cream
Steak & Broccoli
Meal 2:
Shrimps (with some awesome Paleo sauce)
Meal 3:
Oh My Bar
Meal 4:
Sushi Dinner
Salmon Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi 
Uni Sashimi
Squid/uni/quail egg awesomeness
Salmon/lemon/radish/egg amazingness
I was able to refrain for a lot of baked stuff I usually enjoy from this place. 
Meal 5: (Not pictured)
I had a sweet tooth after dinner so I had:
2 Honey Crisp Apples
Peanut Butter

50 Cals Airdyne
10 Power Snatches (50kg)
40 Cals Airdyne
8 Power Snatches 
30 Cals Airdyne
6 Power Snatches 
20 Cals Airdyne
4 Power Snatches 
10 Cals Airdyne
2 Power Snatches 

This was a burner!  My adductors were on fire during the 40 cals set.  Holy crap.. it took everything to keep going!
The Snatches were not difficult at all, but being mindful of my knee, the larger sets were broken up.  The challenge was to get back on the airdyne and just pedal with no hesitation. Push through the burn and keep breathing.  It was a perfect cherry on top of the last 3 days of training. 

Afterwards, Rob and Wayne did some squatting.  I miss squatting. 

Tomorrow I will be calling Kaiser to schedule an MRI for my knee. Dr Choy is worried about it and so is my wife.  

I need to be realistic in my expectations.  If there is something torn in my knee and a surgery is prescribed, I need to make sure I lose enough weight prior to getting the surgery so I can stay on path while recovering.  I cannot let the momentum I am working hard to build be shut down by anything. Post surgery there will obviously be a needed recovery time where I have to refrain from over exertion. After that, there will be no excuses... Ill have to get ultra strong in my upper body and find a way to get a good sweat on without using my legs.  There are infinite possibilities and I just have to keep an open mind and clear visualization of my goals. 
Cheers to Sore shoulders!
Coach JD

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  1. Good luck with your knee, might right tibia just a hair under the knee cap most likely has some tendinitis going on. It was stinging when I was catching the "snatches" and is just generally irritated when sitting. Due to my work it's possible I have something called "movie chair knee" lol kind of fitting! Look forward to the friday beat down...