Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's 9:45pm and I'm fairly certain i threw my back out today in training.  Im super stiff and getting worse and my tail bone aches whenever I move.  The pain radiates into my lower back.  I feel like I need an adjustment.  I will try to get into the Chiro tomorrow morning to get it fixed. 

A: Deadlift:
Heavy Triple

B: 5 Rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts (125kg)
10 Burpees

C: 3 Rounds for time of:
30 Cal Airdyne
30 Double Unders

A: 200kg.  It was more about my hands than the weight.

B: 6:33.  I did this wod way back in the day and my best time was 4:03.  Its all about the burpees.  All my deadlifts were unbroken no problemo. 

C: 8:06.  I actually got a few pretty good groupings on my double unders that I did not expect coming off the airdyne. 

Monday, December 17, 2012


I have set a goal of losing 40lbs by my birthday in March.  4 Month, 40lbs.  I think it can absolutely be done. The goal is to be steady. 5lbs would be the most I would want to lose.   Nothing to it but to do it.


A: Press + Push Press: (x/1+3)5

B:  10 Sets:
10 Cal Row
1 Min rest

C: 10 Sets:
Every 2 Min:
4 Clean & Jerks (62)
8 Burpees

A:  90kg.  Its funny how things go away so quickly.  I had worked my way up to 100kg for a 2+3 in past training.  I gotta get that back. 

B: I tried to push very hard on these sprints.  I was able to maintain pretty well, but no joke.. the computer on the rower actually subtracted Calories from my sets while I was working.  BULL CRAP!
Set Breaks were:  26/22/17/17/18/18/18/18/22/26/20 in seconds

C:  This one hurt. my goal was to get all sets done in less than 1 min. Towards the end I was telling myself I'd go really hard on 9 and 10 but as I got there, the absolute oposite happend.

Set Breaks were: 47/44/46/46/47/53/59/57/1:09/1:27.

All my food was solid today, but some meetings I had to have got in the way of one of my meals so I had a big gap between meals.  I tried not to have a massive dinner to compensate.  Rather, I had a normal portioned earlier dinner and another meal about 2 hours later. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I was able to schedule my MRI for Thursday. My sleep was not great last night. I also felt dehydrated waking up. Im going to try to hydrate better for the rest of the week. Last week I went through the entire week without a cheat meal up until Sunday afternoon.  I had a cheat meal but followed it with healthy nutrition for the rest of the day.  I feel like it isn't realistic to not have a free meal every once in a while.  I'd like to extend it to every two weeks... but I am going to allow this to build with momentum just like my training has.


7:30am: 6oz Pork Sausage, Coffee with 1oz Heavy Cream
11am: Celery with 2oz Almond Butter
4pm: 5oz Shrimp with Pesto and 1 Cup Brussel Sprouts
6:30ppm:  1.5 Cups Tomato Sauce with Ground Beef

A: EMOM for 10 Min:
2 Strict Pull Ups
20 Sec Airdyne Sprint
B: EMOM for 10 Min:
2 Double Kettlebell Cleans
20 Sec Airdyne Sprint
C: EMOM for 10 Min:
2 Double Kettlebell Snatches
20 Sec Airdyne Sprint

Direct transition through A, B and C

Total Calories on Airdyne: 124/93/85 = 302 cals
I did Jumping Negatives on the pull ups.  I tried to keep the integrity of the negative for as long as I could.  I used 20kg for the kettlebells.  For the Double Snatches on the outside of my legs, since my back was starting to tighten up.  Every Single Set was done under 30 sec.  The last 5 Min of the workout was awful, but I am glad I was to reach the goal of 300 I set for myself. I would like to see the output staty consistent over the 30 min.  I think that will happen eventually with the work we are doing.

Monday, December 10, 2012


I should be geting my MRI scheduled this week.  I tried doing some partial squats today as suggested by my PT.   For the first time in a long time, I want to weigh myself all the time to measure my progress.  I feel "All-in" on this and I am really looking forward to the results showing more. The last scale we got for the gym was a P.O.S. and it is now broken.  Maybe for Christmas I'll get the gym a really nice, high-end digital scale. 

4:45am  Coffee with 1oz of Heavy Cream
6am Oh My Bar
9am Spinach Salad with 4oz chicken, half pear, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette. 
2pm 1.5cups Tomato with Meat Sauce and Zucchini
6pm 9oz Chicken Breast with Asparagus (cooked with Salt/Pepper/Garlic/Rosemary/Lemon)

A: Front Squat: 
Heavy Double 

B: 15 Sets:
Every 2 Min:
2 Power Cleans
5 Wall Ball Sit Ups
5 Burpees

C: 8 Sets:
30 Sec Double Unders
30 Sec Rest

A: Only Squatted to 1/4 depth.  Did a few sets at 110kg. 

B: 70kg on the Cleans.  I tried to make sure all the wall ball hit the wall above my hight while sitting up.  I messed around with a few sets doing a pull over with the wall while on my back but that shit burned me out. (Rob did every set like that cause he is a beast.) Sets went as fast as 44sec and longest was 59sec. I needed a good 20 min after this before hitting the double unders. 

C: 200 Double Unders.  I tripped up a bunch. I was just at the end of my energy. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today was solid. My knee was sore and a bit painful because of the testing done on it yesterday by the PT.  They were pretty agressive with moving my knee around and I woke up with it very sore.  I did some mobility on it and went light on the snatches today just to make sure it was okay.


8am:  Coffee with 1oz Heavy Cream
9am: 5oz Talapia with Veggies
1pm: 2oz Almond Butter with Celery
4pm: 4oz Pork with Asparagus
6pm:  6oz Tritip with 1 cup stewed carrots

A: Deadlift
Heavy Single

B: 7 Rounds for time:
5 Power Snatches (50kg)
10 Wall Ball Push Press (30lbs)

C: 4 Rounds
5 Burpees
50m Farmer Carry (32kg)
10 Push Ups
50m Farmer Carry

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today was rough.

I saw the Sports Medicine Dr today.  She examined my knee and then had the head of PT also examine my knee and both of them determined I have a torn ACL. They do not know the degree of the tear, but have both suggested an MRI to deduce if a surgery is needed.

On a positive note, the PT agreed with how I was training myself and that my goal should be to lose as much weight as possible before a surgery.  Also, he liked the movements I trained and agreed to just remain being smart.  He even gave me a little more allowance to movements than I had been giving myself.  Just to monitor the reaction my knee has to any movement.

I am going to try to stay optimistic and reach my goals with weight loss.

I should know the results of the MRI and the plan of action before my vacation at the end of the month.


7am: 3oz Steak.
11am: Spinach Salad with Vinaigrette.
2pm:  4oz Steak, 2oz Shrimp, Plate full of steamed Vegetables.
7pm:  7oz Steak with Cauliflower

A: 8 Sets:
Min1: 4 Bench Press (90kg)
Min 2:  4 Ring Rows

B: For time:
50 Double Unders
30 Cals on Airdyne
40 Double Unders
30 Cals on Airdyne
30 Double Unders
30 Cals on Airdyne
20 Double Unders
30 Cals on Airdyne
10 Double Unders

A:  Got a serious pump from it.  When I was done, I was thinking to myself, "How the hell am I gonna do Double Unders?"
B: 13:48.  I was able to get 36 unbroken reps on my first set.  Thats a PR since starting CF again. I felt a good pace on this workout. It didnt floor me when I was done but it sure did burn!

Monday, December 3, 2012


After Speaking to a good friend of mine, he suggested that I focus on portion control to accelerate weight loss.  Specifically in my protein consumption.  Everyone loves the paleo diet because they get to eat til they are full... but if you are trying to drop bodyweight, or even just body fat, you have to control things. It's funny, these are all things I am well aware of, but I just needs to have someone actually tell me to do it for me to prioritize.  I'm glad I have great friends.   From here on out I will be recording the portions of my meals.

Not monitored.  Monday's I wake up early to open the gym.

5am: Coffee with 1 oz Heavy Cream
6am: 3oz Pork Meatball with 2oz Pesto
11am: Spinach Salad with 2oz Vinaigrette and 4oz Chicken Breast
3:30pm: 5oz Steak with 1 cup Broccoli
7pm:  7oz Steak with 1.5 cups Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

4 Rounds Fight Gone Bad Style:
1 Min AMRAP Power Clean (62)
1 Min AMRAP Burpees
1 Min AMRAP Shoulder to Overhead (62)
1 Min AMRAP Sit Ups
1 Min AMRAP Row for Calories
1 Min Rest

220 reps.  I managed to score 60 on both my first and second round, but saw a serious drop in my reps as the workout progressed.  The Sit Ups killed and breathing heavy while doing Shoulder to Overhead just burns.  I can feel my conditioning improving and thats great.