Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I woke up this morning very sore!
As I got to the gym I noticed that my right knee was starting to tighten up.  I spent the morning teaching classes and taking down the current pull up system we have at the gym. As the day progressed, I noticed my KNee starterted to swell up. 
I modified the training to take account for my knee. 

A: Press + Push Press
- Build to a heavy single
I did 4 sets at 64kg.  Focused on movement and quality. 

B: 10 Rounds:
Min 1: 1 Deadlift (100kg)
MIn 2: 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (24kg)
Min 3: 30 Sec Airdyne for Cals

After 5 rounds I added an RDL to my deadlift sets. 

Calorie Break-down on Airdyne: 10/12/14/15/19/17/18/19/18: 142 Cals
I Iced my knee after training, but it was very stiff for the remainder of the day.

Thursday is my rest day and I will focus on my knees and hips to make sure they feel better before training resumes on frinday. 

I had a big dinner of Chicken and Beef Satay from a Thai Place in Glendale.

I also had 3 pieces of Candy.  A fun Sized Butterfinger, Dots and Twizzler.  That was all though. 

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