Saturday, November 17, 2012


For the last 3 weeks I have given myself Saturday and Sunday as a rest day. 
Today I felt like I had some extra energy. Could have been the cheat meal I had last night giving me some extra calories. It could also be my body adjusting to the volume.

I will be adding Saturdays into my training program as I get further along.  Today was a day to feel it out and see how it went. 

Meal 1: 
Coffee with Heavy Cream
Greek Yogurt with Granola (From Starbucks)
Meal 2: 
Burrito Bowl
Quesadilla with Chicken
Meal 3: 
2 Fried Chicken Strips and some Pirates Booty while watching the UFC Fight at the gym
Meal 4:
4 Al Pastor Tacos (Tossed out the Tortilla)

5 Sets:
50 Double Unders
8 Ground to Shoulder with Slam Ball (80lbs)
Rest 4 Min

Completed. I still have pretty good double unders, but once my lungs go, so does the consistency.  I look forward to having them back (both my lungs and bigger sets of Double Unders). My largest Unbroken set today was 25. I tell you what, maintaining a paced jumping cycle at 300lbs is no easy task. Each round took between 2:10-2:35 depending on the double unders.  I would love to get this to a point where it is not taxing at all and is just a good sweat and active recovery. 

Cheers to tight Calves!

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