Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's been a while...

Yeah I know right... Not very accountable and not much follow through on this blog.

What really matters is that I have been accountable and I followed through to my goal of finishing the 24 day advocare challenge.

I started the challenge at 325lbs.  (Some bloat from my destructive birthday party)
I set everything up to end on the same day as my Pre-Op appointment with my surgeon.

Upon arrival at Kaiser at 11am I had already consumed a Spark (Caffeine) with 24oz of water and a bit more water to wash out my mouth.

My bodyweight was 304lbs.

My Blood Pressure was 116/68

My Heart Rate was 64bpm.

Am I happy that I went from 325 to 304?  heck yes.

The diet was very easy to maintain.  Every day I filled out each of my check lists and made sure that I got everything in.  There were days that I missed a few of my supplements, but that didnt stop my momentum.

I have taken the last two weeks to relax a bit.  Not following any specific diet but definitely not going Full-Blown overboard.  I had a burger one night.. some thai food another night here and there.. spent most of my days still eating the way I did on the challenge, just without the supplements.

I'm starting another challenge Monday along with a few membership of the gym.  Should be fun!  I am looking forward to seeing these guys get big results!

The initial 10 days will end with my surgery date.

After surgery I will be following through with the arranged 14 days of nutriton with some quality intake adjustments.

I will basically be doing nothing but recovering and therapy so my focus will be on a Nutrient-rich, Calorie-poor diet.

We will see how things go.