Monday, December 3, 2012


After Speaking to a good friend of mine, he suggested that I focus on portion control to accelerate weight loss.  Specifically in my protein consumption.  Everyone loves the paleo diet because they get to eat til they are full... but if you are trying to drop bodyweight, or even just body fat, you have to control things. It's funny, these are all things I am well aware of, but I just needs to have someone actually tell me to do it for me to prioritize.  I'm glad I have great friends.   From here on out I will be recording the portions of my meals.

Not monitored.  Monday's I wake up early to open the gym.

5am: Coffee with 1 oz Heavy Cream
6am: 3oz Pork Meatball with 2oz Pesto
11am: Spinach Salad with 2oz Vinaigrette and 4oz Chicken Breast
3:30pm: 5oz Steak with 1 cup Broccoli
7pm:  7oz Steak with 1.5 cups Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

4 Rounds Fight Gone Bad Style:
1 Min AMRAP Power Clean (62)
1 Min AMRAP Burpees
1 Min AMRAP Shoulder to Overhead (62)
1 Min AMRAP Sit Ups
1 Min AMRAP Row for Calories
1 Min Rest

220 reps.  I managed to score 60 on both my first and second round, but saw a serious drop in my reps as the workout progressed.  The Sit Ups killed and breathing heavy while doing Shoulder to Overhead just burns.  I can feel my conditioning improving and thats great.

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