Monday, December 17, 2012


I have set a goal of losing 40lbs by my birthday in March.  4 Month, 40lbs.  I think it can absolutely be done. The goal is to be steady. 5lbs would be the most I would want to lose.   Nothing to it but to do it.


A: Press + Push Press: (x/1+3)5

B:  10 Sets:
10 Cal Row
1 Min rest

C: 10 Sets:
Every 2 Min:
4 Clean & Jerks (62)
8 Burpees

A:  90kg.  Its funny how things go away so quickly.  I had worked my way up to 100kg for a 2+3 in past training.  I gotta get that back. 

B: I tried to push very hard on these sprints.  I was able to maintain pretty well, but no joke.. the computer on the rower actually subtracted Calories from my sets while I was working.  BULL CRAP!
Set Breaks were:  26/22/17/17/18/18/18/18/22/26/20 in seconds

C:  This one hurt. my goal was to get all sets done in less than 1 min. Towards the end I was telling myself I'd go really hard on 9 and 10 but as I got there, the absolute oposite happend.

Set Breaks were: 47/44/46/46/47/53/59/57/1:09/1:27.

All my food was solid today, but some meetings I had to have got in the way of one of my meals so I had a big gap between meals.  I tried not to have a massive dinner to compensate.  Rather, I had a normal portioned earlier dinner and another meal about 2 hours later. 

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