Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, ready to go!

So, I took a vacation.

The first vacation I have had in 4 years. 

Not only was it a great chance to step away, it gave me a chance to recharge and mentally clear myself before starting the new year. 

I tend to overwhelm myself easily with what needs to get done.  Being a small business owner demands so much.  the stress of everything riding on me can sometimes really get to me. 

This vacation gave me a chance to figure things out.  I'm pretty sure it saved my marriage too.  I know I am not the easiest to deal with and I know my wife is put through just as much stress dealing with me as I deal with being the owner of CFP. 

She is amazing. 

That said, I felt eager to get back into things. I have a clear plan, and I have a focus on time management. 

I was talking to Tiff tonight at dinner. I told her that with my focus, I am starting to lose my emotional connection with food.  The last two weeks, when Tiff asks me what I feel like for dinner or lunch, my answers are simple. "Nah."  or  "Yah."

The tough part is that Tiff is extremely emotional about her food and she tries to influence me. 

So, sometimes I am a dick for being short and frank with what I want or don't want because it doesn't fall in line with the reaction she was looking for. We talked about it, and she has agreed to try to keep her cravings to herself. 

In terms of making the most of my time.  I will be posting my training results on a weekly basis. Since I basically copy those things over from my googledoc, I might as well just do it on a big post instead of making time daily to write. I wish I had a job where I sat down in front of a computer all day.  Id have a lot of time to write detailed blogs with every single thing accounted for. 

Potentially, if all the things I need to accomplish this year happen, the business will lighten up a bit giving me more time to write. 

For now, its all about training hard, eating clean and hitting my goals. 

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