Sunday, January 6, 2013

12/30/12 - 01/06/13

Food felt good this week.  I didn't eat very bad in Vegas during my vacation.. but just wasn't actively training.  It was the first week off of regular CrossFit training since I began and I could really feel the difference!  I missed it. 

Anyways, this week I stayed pretty clean and focused on looking at my total daily carb consumption.  Since most of my meals are all veggies for carbs it isn't THAT hard to stay below 50g. 

I gave myself a Free Meal/Cheat Meal/whatever the hell you wanna call it Saturday, but I had a goal of eating a healthy breakfast before my meal, then making sure I had a healthy dinner right after. 

For me, its about balance.  I do not do well without a free meal once a week... when i was most focused on training in my life I had 1 free night every 2 weeks. At the same time, if I am not focused during that free time, a free meal can easily turn into a free day or worse yet.. a free weekend. 

I was happy I was able to get back on track after I had that meal, it left me with a better feeling going into this next week. 

I will weigh in again on Friday to update my progress.  Hoping to see a loss considering my lazy vacation. 

A: 6 Sets:
5 Back Squats for quality
*Used 50kg for all sets.
B: 5 Sets:
Every 2 Min:
30 Sec Airdyne Sprint
15 Push Press (20kg)
*Completed.  Felt easy. Focus was to just get my heart rate up and feel back in the game after my time off.
A: EMOM for 10 Min:
1 Power Clean (80)
2 Bar facing burpees
Directly into:
B: EMOM for 10 Min:
2 Power Clean (80)
2 Bar facing burpees

C: 6 Sets:
Every 3 Min:
250m Row Sprint
*All sets finished.  Fastest was :48, Slowest was :53.

D: Behind the Neck Push Press
Heavy Double
*Skipped.  We were TOAST!
Tuesday: Rest
A: Power Snatch:  
Heavy Double
*100kg.  First time I've snatched heavy since before my injury. Felt really light and fast.  Didn't even have oly shoes on.  My knee felt okay as well.  It got me excited, but I have to tell myself not to rush into more because I am still not 100%. 

B: 5 Sets:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups 
15  Sit Ups
Rest 2 Min
*Splits: 1:14/1:16/1:34/1:58/2:56.  It was all about the damn sit ups... they killed!

C: Back Squat
5 reps for therapy
*Used 60kg for sets.  Right leg still feel wobbly. 
A: 10 Sets:
30 Sec Airdyne for Cals
30 AMRAP Clean & Jerks (62)
Rest 1 Min
*Total Score was 197.  I wanted 200.  I did 4 CJ each round minus the last round when I only did 3.  
Splits: 21/26/20/21/20/19/19/18/18/15
Could have.. should have hit 200.

I was pleased to find out that the blog article being done about my journey back into CrossFit with a focus on weight loss has been upgraded to a full Journal Article on the mainsite. 
Lots of accountability!  

280lbs by March 24th.
250lbs by The CrossFit Games!


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