Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This was my first week upping my training to 5 days in a row.  I felt okay but by friday I was pretty tight.

My food was good this week, but my hydration wasn't great.  By the end of the night I found myself chugging just to meet a daily minimum.  I dont think I had a single day where I met my goal.   I need to make sure I am hydrating well throughout the entire day.

Starting Monday I am going to begin limiting my carb intake to 30g daily and I am going to do this for 10 consecutive days.  I have done ketogenic diets before with good success. Since my two training partners both do this and are currently seeing great results, I am going to join in with the group.

(I have always done well when I eat and training with my team.)

Let's see how this week goes.. it will be difficult with the amount of training.. I'll be pretty depleted, but I am not doing this for athletic performance.


A: Power Clean:
Heavy Single

B: 10 Sets:
30 Sec Airdyne
8 Kettlebell Snatches
4 Burpees
Rest 1 Min

A:130kg.  I hit 134kg, but caught it a little too low and didnt want to stand it up to save my knee.
B: Completed

A: 5 Sets:
5 Back Squats
200m Row Sprint
Rest 2 Min

B: 5 Rounds for time of:
4 Power Snatches (44)
8 Paralette Pass-throughs
50m Farmers Carry (32)

A: Used 50kg with a 3031 tempo. 
B: Used 20in box for my pass-throughs.  I forgot to snap a photo of my finishing time for the workout. 

3 Rounds for time of:
30 Cals Airdyne
15 Push Press (40kg)
30 Cals Row
15 Burpees
200m Run
15 Push Press
25 Double Unders
15 Burpees

Last tested 11/14/12:  43:33
Today: 36:10!!!

A: For time:
25 Russian KB Swings (32)
3 Pull Ups
20 Russian KB Swings
6 Pull Ups
15 Russian KB Swings
9 Pull Ups
10 Russian KB Swings
12 Pull Ups
5 Russian KB Swings
15  Pull Ups

B: 10 Sets:
1 Min Airdyne
1 Min Rest

A: Did Jumping Pull Ups.  
B:  Mid 200'2 score.
*I forgot to snap a pic of my scores.  I need to be better about that.

A: Power Snatch:
Heavy Single

B: 5 Sets:
30 Cal Row
Rest 1 Min

C: EMOM for 18 Min:
4 Burpees
D-Ball Variations (rotate between 4 different balls)
80# Ball 2 reps over shoulder
80# Ball 2 reps over shoulder
150# Ball 1 rep over shoulder
40# Ball 5 Ball Slams

A: 95kg.  Missed 100kg. 
B: Completed.  Burned!
C: Completed.  JB jumped in a hyped us up.  Pretty fun!

Rest.  Spent the entire weekend at the OC Throwdown with my athletes.

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