Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Advocare Day 1:

After 1 week off from Ketosis through Carb Nite and a fairly nasty weekend of drinking and food for my birthday, I wasn't surprised at all to see my body weight be nice and high this morning.

On my last Carb Nite (two Saturday's ago) I was 310lbs.  Today I was 325lbs.

Considering a Drank Sunday, consumed about 250oz of Water Monday and about 2lbs of Rice Noodles and Broth, I know most of it will go away as I begin this 10-day cleanse.

Training was nothing today.  I am still queasy as hell from Sunday's shit show.  My knee is sucking anyways.

My Nutrition for the 10-day cleanse will follow this particular set up. Ill post my 2 solid meals each day, but I am timed and strict with consuming the supplement schedule and wont miss anything over the next 10 days.

Daily Break Down
30 Min Before Breakfast:
Advocare Spark Packet
Catalyst Tablets (2)
Fiber Drink with Water
Meal Replacement Shake with Water
30 Min Before Lunch:

Advocare Spark Packet
Catalyst Tablets (2)
Protein 4-6oz Turkey Breast from Trader Joes (7oz)
Vegetables (2 cups) 2 Steamed Broccoli (2 Cups)
Fat Minimal
Omega Plus Tablets (3)
Protein 4-6oz Skirt Steak (7oz)
Vegetables (2 Cups) Steamed Broccoli (2 cups)
Before Bedtime:
Herbal Cleanse Tablets (3)
Catalyst Tablets (2)
Total Daily Water Consumption Goal: 150+oz

This is a very low calories diet. 1599 calories consumed today along with 170oz of water consumed.

With less than 60g of fat it is a big change I feel from Carb Nite.  My body never felt full from food.  The moment I would finish eating I would be hungry within 30 min.  It will take a while to get used to.

I know I will be lighter tomorrow.

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