Monday, March 25, 2013

Advocare Challenge

Today is the beginning of a new challenge for me.

My knee has been bothering me more and more as I train... Now to the degree of scheduling my knee surgery for sonner than expected. 

My biggest concern has been the timing of everything:

The surgery will have me out of the gym for up to 4 weeks and because it is my right knee, I will not be able to drive for some time. 

How will this take affect on the gym and my staff, what kind of burdon is this going to be on my wife, and how will limited activity take a toll on my body. 

I was hoping to push the surgery to summer time, when Tiff was not teaching and by then, have everything in place for the gym to run smoothly.  I would also have a better control on my bodyweight by then. 

But the pain is a bit too much now, and I worry that prolonging it any more will only increase the potential damage to me knee in addition to my existing injuries. 

While the other things in my life are getting organized for this event (faster than I anticipated)  I am worried about being heavier than planned.  

Although I absolutely love the CarbNite diet, it doesnt suit my needs at the moment. 

The carb nite diet is a fat loss diet, and works really well at that as well as being able to make considerable gains during that time. However, I do not need gains in lean mass at the moment and have noticed them. So I am very willing to let go of lean mass as well as fat mass for the time being.  

When I am back to normal post surgery, I can make my gains when I want to.  Its never been a challenge for me to gain lean mass.

That said, I am starting a 24 day challenge through Advocare.  Days 1-10 are a food cleanse and 11-24 are used to reset my body to my goal. 

I will be taking a daily set of pictures and weighing myself to measure my progress daily as well as report any reflections I have while on the challenge. My training has been limited to therapy and upper body, but when I am up for it I will post my training here as well. 

At the moment, I am looking forward to starting this phase. I am excited to see where this goes!


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