Sunday, February 24, 2013


Been pretty pre-occupied the last week.

Last Sunday my father called me early in the morning to inform me that my grandmother had passed away.

There isnt much you can do in a situation like this. My father would never admit it but he needed me around for him. My older sisters who live in Maryland all flew in and that has meant nothing but craziness for the scheduling of training.

I have managed to stay solid on my diet, and I see (as does my wife) a change in my body composition occurring.

A friend of mine offered me some help with programming to increase the efficiency of my overall efforts.  Since I am a firm believer in not programming for yourself and since I trust him and his understanding, I am going to give it a whirl.  I started his program 02/24/2013 and will do it for 3 weeks to feel it out.  If it fits well and does what It should do, Ill stick around with it.

It's really tough to figure out the difference between what works and whats exciting to do.  I have had many folks tell me that my programming is "Boring" or "Themed" and thats fine with me, because it works. To me, there is no glory in training. I train for purpose first.. excitement second and thats how I train my clients too.  Wanna do Fran and 20 rep squats every day? go ahead but it comes at a cost.

I found that by doing my own programming (even while keeping an non-bais mind while constructing it) I was allowing myself to succumb to the influence of my training partners and we were often changing workouts.  Call it whatever it may be: Eagerness to keep things fun and exciting, wanting to please everyone or whatever, it just isnt a good thing to do. Sticking to the program is key.  So I am taking it out of my hands and putting it into the hands of someone I trust.

That said, my training this week will not be exciting or epic in any way.  I extended the offer to my training partners to follow this program with me and they have chosen not to.  Thats alright with me. I'd have liked the support but I will do fine.  They have different goals than me and they are now moving on to a different stage in their nutrition while I am still in foundational changes. They are fun guys to train with and I will miss that.  Its been a great few months. I'm grateful for what we accomplished together.

Sunday and Monday are single day training sessions and have been done very early in the morning to get them in so I can get back to family stuff.

The rest of the week with be AM and PM training sessions. I will also post a daily macro balance with each days results.

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